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Welcome to Istanbul

Istanbul is the most populous city in Turkey, and the country's economic, cultural, and historical center. Istanbul is a transcontinental city in Eurasia, straddling the Bosphorus strait between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. Its commercial and historical center lies on the European side and about a third of its population lives on the Asian side.

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Elmalı Turkey

Welcome to Elmalı Turkey

Elmalı is a town and district in Antalya Province, the Mediterranean region of Turkey. It lies about 35 km (22 mi) inland, near the town of Korkuteli and 110 km (68 mi) west of the city of Antalya. Half of the population of the whole district lives in the town of Elmalı.

Elmalı is a small plateau at the head of a long upland valley in the Beydağları range of the western Taurus Mountains, surrounded by high peaks including the 2500m Elmalı Mountain. Aside from the town of Elmalı, the district includes two other small towns (Akçay and Yuva) as well as villages. The area is watered by streams running off the mountains. Although close to the Mediterranean, Elmalı is high in the mountains and has an inland climate of cold winters and hot summers, (although still much cooler than the coast). Near to Lake Avlan there is an area of cedar forest, rare in Turkey.

Few tourists come to Elmalı although the town is beginning to attract visitors thanks to its rich traditional architecture and beautiful mountain surroundings; these people are either day-trippers or passing through en route to the Mediterranean coast, but do bring important income to the area.

Most people live in cottages and wooden houses, but there are some apartment buildings in Elmalı itself, a small town with banks and other essential services. The infrastructure in the villages is basically little more than telephones, and elementary schools. Each village used to have a traditional guest house (köy evi) but many are in disrepair today.

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Sail Amsterdam 2015

Welcome to Sail 2015

Since its first edition in 1975, SAIL Amsterdam has grown to become the largest public event in the Netherlands and the largest free nautical event in the world. Every five years, in excess of 600 ships navigate along the North Sea Canal before mooring in and around the IJhaven in Amsterdam. The ninth edition of SAIL Amsterdam takes place from 19 to 23 August 2015.

SAIL Amsterdam 2015 offers a broad programme, caters for both young and old and is the ultimate showcase of Amsterdam’s maritime legacy.

The beating heart of SAIL Amsterdam.

While SAIL Amsterdam has grown into the largest public event in the world, undoubtedly its beating heart remains the Tall Ships, maritime heritage, modern ships, naval vessels and the amazing replicas. In addition to that, visitors can explore the area in and around Amsterdam’s IJhaven, experiencing a vivid programme of cultural events and sporting activities.

In 2010, 1.7 million visitors took in the event. Surveyed visitors thought SAIL Amsterdam 2010 was a resounding success, awarding it an overall score of 7.9.

INS Tarangini is a three-masted barque, commissioned in 1997 as a sail training ship for the Indian Navy. She is square rigged on the fore and main masts and fore-and-aft rigged on the mizzen mast. She was constructed in Goa to a design by the British naval architect Colin Mudie, and launched on 1 December 1995. In 2003-04, she became the first Indian naval ship to circumnavigate the globe.

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Fair 2015

  • Made by E. Burger

Did you know that no less than 70 attractions on the Alkmaar summer fair? Here are both old and brand new attractions.

Spectacular are the Booster Maxx, Inversion XXL, Spinning Coaster, Tower 90M and the Catapult.

For children, this year Lucky Luke where they can win great prizes and Aqua Blasta where you feel as a real firefighter. But there is also the family rollercoaster, a trampoline and a glass maze. For the little ones there are still the mini cars, a carousel and mini float.

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