Fethiye is a city and district of Muğla Province in the Aegean region of Turkey

Welcome to Fethiye

Fethiye is one of Turkey's well-known tourist centres and is especially popular during the summer. Apart from its climate and natural beauty, the tourist are attracted by its less expensive lifestyle and the hospitality of the local people.

Fethiye is also home to the Tomb of Amyntas, a large and beautiful tomb built in 350 BC by the Lycians. What makes this tomb unique is its massive size and beautiful carvings.

The overall metropolitan area of the city of Fethiye stretches inland from the harbour for more than 7 miles, incorporating several villages into the one city. To the north of the city centre is the area of Çaliş Plaji (Beach), which incorporates the main street of Bariş Manço Bulvari alongside an extensive promenade along the coast, on which a lot of hotels are based. Note that this beach serves as Fethiye's beach in its own right, since Fethiye does not actually have one itself. To the east, lie the areas of Gunlukbaşi, Çamkoy, Cumhuriyet, and also Esenköy to the south-east. The city-centre is defined as the area between the Marina and the Fethiye Market near the football stadium. Approximately 2 miles to the south-west and south respectively, lie the towns of Kayaköy and Öludeniz, the latter being world famous for its beach spit and associated Blue Lagoon. It is widely credited as the most photographed beach in the Mediterranean region. The opportunity to para glide is available from the mountain of Babadağ next to Öludeniz.

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